Заседание №309

11 октября 2016        1535 – 1710           Аудитория 218

Профессор, д.т.н. Мархасин Александр Беньяминович

Экстремально гибкие и эффективные зелёные технологии PHYMAC рентабельных повсеместных сетей 5G IoT/M2M для удалённых и малонаселенных территорий

Лекция по материалам доклада на международной конференции IEEE Internet of Things, Smart Spaces, and Next Generation Networks and Systems, 25-28 September 2016, S.-Peterburg, Russia.

Abstract. In this paper, the fundamental PHY-MAC throughput limits and extremum of the energy, power, spectral efficiency invariant criteria are proved. The invariant criteria are constructed relying on Shannon’s m-ary digital channel capacity which a rich palette of the technically interpreted PHY-MACs parameters consider. Therefore, the invariant criteria as very suitable for research and design of an 5G extremely performance problems are found. The PHY-MACs smart distributed control techniques which able implements «on-the-fly» the limits close and invariant criterion optimization or trade-off is proposed. Such PHY-MAC’s smart control techniques repre-sent a key disruptive technologies meet the 5G/B5G network challenges.