Заседание №300

21 апреля 2016        1535 – 1710           Аудитория 218

Andrei Gurtov, PhD, adjunct professor at Aalto University, University of Helsinki and University of Oulu.

Software Defined Mobile Networks: Beyond LTE Architecture

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are one of the hottest new technologies shaping the future Internet. NFV & SDN Summit 2015 attracted about 1500 attendees from 65 countries. SDN & NFV concepts are expected to play a key role in next-generation wireless networks (5G). During EU SIGMONA project “SDN Concept in Generalized Mobile Network Architectures”, leading telecom players as well as other experts in SDN have contributed chapters to a recent Wiley book on Software Defined Mobile Networks (SDMN). The goal of this lecture is to present topics from the book related to SDN origins, SDMN architecture, security, mobility, traffic management and deployment paths.